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19/11/2018 - 23/11/2018 / Delft, Netherlands / Course Download iCal

Advanced Course: Multiscale Computational Methods in Bioprocesses

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Register now for an advanced course, hosted by the Biotech Campus in Delft

This course brings together contributions from different disciplines, i. e. bioprocess technology, applied physics, transport phenomena, molecular biology and biomedical sciences. Computational methods will deepen the understanding of the connecting principles between different scales. After this course you will better grasp the complexity of multileveled systems based on the underlying mechanisms. The industrial relevance is underlined by the venue being the Biotech Campus Delft.

The course is primarily aimed at academic and industrial specialists (MSc, PhD or equivalent experience) who seek broadening their knowledge and practical skills in multiscale modelling. Educational background in transport phenomena, basic reaction engineering and biotechnology is strongly advised. Affinity with biological systems is recommended.

The course is organized by BiotechDelft ( and will be hosted by the Biotech Campus in Delft.

Various consortium members of the ERA CoBioTech project "ComRaDes" will present their results as well.

Registration is possible until October 29, 2018.

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