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KETBIO – news & highlights from experts in the biotech transfer sector

KETBIO's mission is to identify Europe's most innovative results in biotechnology research and speed up their market uptake. KETBIO has just published its first newsletter.

KETBIO, the biotech booster project, has selected the latest news and highlights from the biotechnology transfer sector in its 1st newsletter edition. KETBIO NEWSPOINT #1 features news and insights from experts with blogs, interviews and stories: A bright future for biotech-start-ups in the clusters is highlighted in an exclusive interview with Sarah Hickingbottom, CEO Bio Vale, UK. Peter Stumpf, CEO TransMIT GmbH, offers in his blog an overview on patents and licences in the biotechnology which are on the rise. Associations and partners of the KETBIO project, a HORIZON 2020 initiative to speed-up the market up-take of biotech research results, showcase their activities in the field – from start-up databases to chemical webshops in the biotechnologies and from projects in new materials and novel foodtechnologies to IPR management.