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The MeMBrane project News

©Production Perig -
©Production Perig -

The MeMBrane project is co-funded under the 1st ERA CoBioTech JTC 2017.

The MeMBrane project has produced a music video written & performed by Megson and animated by ScribbleStache to promote biotechnology. The track helps to explain what biotechnology is and the benefits it brings to society. It also encourages students to choose biology as a subject. The track and video are free from copyright and you are welcome to use them: We’d love to here if you do @CoBioMeMBrane!  

For anyone interested in starting a career in biochemistry, Alan Goddard gives an insight into how he became a biochemist and offers his top tips to launch your biochemistry career in this article.  

We are restarting our SuperYeast project following inevitable delays this year. This citizen science project calls for members of the public to request a sampling kit to send us their yeast, whether it’s from baking, brewing or beverages! We’ll test the samples for alcohol and sugar tolerance and post the results on our leader board. By studying what makes SuperYeast more resilient, we hope to learn how to engineer more robust microbes for biotechnology and a sustainable future. Contact us at to take part.

We have copies of our Microstrike board game available for schools. Learn how your microbes thrive to win control of the board! 

As part of our MeMBrane research, our partners in York have developed the MORF tool for analyzing multi-omics data sets. MORF allows international teams like ours to securely share large, complex data sets and gives the whole team the ability to interrogate the data, without the need for programming skills. Please view our demo video to see the tool in action and contact us to find out how to get more from your data.