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Cofund on Biotechnologies

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Update on ERA CoBioTech's communication activities

ERA CoBioTech flyer release, updated website, overview of ERA CoBioTech's 1st Joint Call 2016 co-funded projects and overview of ERA CoBioTech partners consortium now available.

  • The ERA CoBioTech flyer with a brief overview of this ERA-NET Cofund Action’s purpose and missions is now released in printed version and will be distributed by ERA CoBioTech consortium partners. The flyer's e-version is also available to download here.
  • The ERA CoBioTech project runs and develops through different stages of its lifetime. Simultaneously with this, the project’s visual identity is redesigned. The ERA CoBioTech's website is now enriched with the new colour scheme, accompanied by a three dimensional and slightly more sophisticated esthetic touch.
  • 22 selected projects which are co-funded through the 1st ERA CoBioTech Joint Call 2016 are now presented on our website. Please feel free to overview them and get to know their topics.
  • ERA CoBioTech project consortium brings together 25 partners, owners and managers of national and regional R&D&I programmes from 19 EU Member States, associate and third countries with significant experience in research funding and coordination, promoting systems and synthetic biology as technology drivers to speed up R&I in industrial biotechnology. The map with an overview of all consortium partners is presented here.