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BioTech Research and Innovation Hack 2020 postponed

The BioTech Research and Innovation Hack 2020 has been postponed to the first half of June or first half of September.

The workshop participants and keynote speakers have been consulted by the organizing team concerning their opinion on holding this meeting in view of the continued spread of the coronavirus.

Bringing the ERA CoBioTech stakeholders together and facilitate networking and matchmaking between the participants is the major goal of this event. Based on the cancellations, travel restrictions and concerns of the participants under the given circumstances the achievement of this goal is not realistic.

It is agreed to postpone the event and to meet later, taking advantage of a good meeting atmosphere and the full number of participants. 

An availability poll for the first half of June and first half of September will be send to all participants within due time.

We thank all participants for their kind cooperation and sharing their opinion with us!


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