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Biotech Hub Meetings & Biotech Hub Workshops/Seminars for Stakeholder Engagement

As a central element of ERA CoBioTech, the first-of-its-kind established “European Biotech Hub” aligns different European strategic instruments in the area of biotechnology by integrating all relevant stakeholders on various levels to improve exchange and to discuss the opportunities how to transform the global economy from a dependence on fossil raw materials to a sustainable “bio-based economy”.

For that, the "European Biotech Hub" initiates and sustains active engagement across the entire biotechnology and related value chains and, ultimately, increases the visibility of the sector to wider audience, taking into account not only scientific and technological, but also geographic and societal aspects.

Formed as vital platform for all relevant European initiatives and activities in biotechnology, the “European Biotech Hub” will also make essential contributions to foster Europe`s leading role and strengthen competitiveness of EU industries.

To achieve that, ERA CoBioTech defined three different activities under the “European Biotech Hub” umbrella:

The Biotech Hub Meetings

The Biotech Hub Workshops/Seminars for Stakeholder Engagement and additional activities

The Biotech Hub final event