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Biotech Hub Meetings

The establishment of a Biotech Hub Meeting series is one of the main objectives the ERA CoBioTech partners have set out in their proposal. It will be vital in aligning and advancing the different European strategic instruments as well as national and regional biotechnology initiatives. To initiate and sustain this active engagement across the entire biotechnology and related value chains, and to increase the visibility of the sector to a wider audience, at least three Biotech Hub Meetings, supported by various additional activities, will be implemented during the lifetime of ERA CoBioTech.

For further information, please contact the ERA CoBioTech partner SMWK (SAXON STATE MINISTRY FOR SCIENCE, CULTURE AND TOURISM):

January 30-31 2018.

Day 1: The ERA CoBioTech partner SMWK (Germany/Saxony) led the 1st Biotech Hub Meeting of ERA-Nets and European Instruments related to Biotechnologies and Innovative Technologies.

Day 2: The ERA CoBioTech partner BBSRC (UK) led the ERA-CoBioTech Strategic Workshop.

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Download here the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and Responsible Research and Innovation framework.

Anticipated date for the 3rd Biotech Hub Meeting is autumn 2021. It is planned as final ERA CoBioTech event.

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