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Synthetic Biology for the development of novel, cheap and efficient biosurfactants

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Coordinator: Dr. Philippe JACQUES, University of Liège, HES, Belgium

Wageningen University & Research,
HES, The Netherlands
Instituto de Biología Molecular de Rosario IBR-CONICET-UNR, REC, Argentina
Eberhard Karls University of Tuebingen (EKUT), Pharmaceutical Institute, HES, Germany
LIPOFABRIK Belgium, SME, Belgium
Dasic International Ltd, SME, United Kingdom

Group photo BestBiosurf

Source: Dr. Philippe Jacques / TERRA Teaching and Research Centre


Project Abstract

The BestBioSurf project aims to at producing novel and eco-friendly biosurfactants in a cost-effective manner through initial pilot validation in laboratory settings (TRL 4), to a larger bio-process scale up (TRL 5). In order to do so, the BestBioSurf project will use the Bacillus subtilis bacterial host system as a primary choice for producing these novel biosurfactants. This is mainly due to the strain’s long history and well-established experimental proof-of concept use in the biotechnological area of lipopeptide bioengineering (TRL 3).

BestBioSurf  is funded by the ERA CoBioTech  partners: 
SGCTelp, SPW-DGO6, BMBF, NWO, UKRI-InnovateUK  and co-funded by the European Union.

Project Start: May 2018  Duration: 36 months  
Project Budget:  Total Cost: 1.508.000 Euro, Funding: 1.304.000 Euro
Project Website:

Project presentation from ACHEMA kick-off meeting

Project presentation status seminar 2021

Project brochure

HES – higher education sector – university
REC – research organisation
SME – small and medium-sized enterprise