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Engineering microbial communities for the conversion of lignocellulose into medium-chain carboxylates



Coordinator: Dr. Heike Sträuber, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, REC, Germany

IJS / Institute "Jožef Stefan",
REC, Slovenia
CNRS-LCB / Laboratoire de Chimie Bacterienne, UMR 7283, REC, France
NTNU / Norwegian University of Science and Technology, HES, Norway
USC / University of Santiago de Compostela, HES, Spain
BlueMethano GmbH, SME, Gemany

Group photo CELL4CHEM

Cell4Chem Mid-Term Meeting 2022 in Marseille (Photo: Cell4Chem Archive)


Project Abstract

The Cell4Chem project aims to expand the feedstock range for the carboxylate platform on lignocellulose by harnessing the full potential of microbial communities. Metabolic engineering of lactic acid bacteria and optimized bacterial consortia constructed on the basis of metabolic models will be integrated in an anaerobic mixed-culture fermentation process for the production of medium-chain carboxylates. Such biotechnological production processes with engineered microbial communities will play an important role in the future circular, sustainable bioeconomy.

Cell4Chem is funded by the ERA CoBioTech partners: SMWK, MIZS, ANR, RCN and AEI.

Project Start: June 2021   Duration: 36 months  
Project Budget:  Total Cost: 2.437.000 Euro, Funding: 2.073.000 Euro

Project Website:





Project presentation status seminar 2021

Project brochure


HES – higher education sector – university
REC – research organisation
SME – small and medium-sized enterprise