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Synthetic Biology for Industrial Production of Steroids



Project Abstract

Nowadays, steroids are important for life quality, healthy development and ageing, all major social challenges today. The main objective of Syntheroids is the production of intermediates that can be used as starting materials for the synthesis of clinical steroids. For this purpose, novel bacterial strains will be engineered for the production of these steroids precursors from phytosterols, a renewable by-product from pulp and paper mills and edible oil producing factories. As a result, new key intermediates for the synthesis of therapeutic steroids will be produced in an eco-friendly and economical process.

SYNTHEROIDS is funded by the ERA CoBioTech partners: BMBF, RCN, AEI, CDTI and co-funded by the European Union.

Project Start: May 2018  Duration: 36 months
Project Budget:  Total Cost: 2.308.000 Euro, Funding: 1.745.000 Euro
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Project presentation from ACHEMA kick-off meeting

Project presentation status seminar 2021

Project brochure

HES – higher education sector – university
REC – research organisation
LE – large enterprise
SME – small and medium-sized enterprise